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SIDin #15

ottobre 31, 2015

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Good Halloween to all! For this special day Ice Team release the 15 issue of SIDin Magazine with those stuffs: Matt Gray interview Inside Matt Gray Serpent Demo Player JSidPlay2 You can now enjoy SIDin inside the Ice Team site:  

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Incoming: SIDin #15

aprile 21, 2015

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SIDin #14 comes after some years from the previous number. So maybe all can argue that the next will be some years into the future too… No! IceTeam is already onto the next number full time! Just a preview: did you ever wonder how Matt Gray uses samples into his engine (like into Serpent Demo […]

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SIDin #14

gennaio 25, 2015

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Sidin 14

The issue 14 of PDF Magazine SIDin is ready. This numbers contains: An interview with Scarzix The description of how to use the Matt Gray engine (from Dominator game) he release for a music competition related to his Reformation project The description of the Martin Walker sound player used into the Hunter’s Moon game Actually […]

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