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Frozen Bubble on C64 (?)

settembre 17, 2017

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What is a game that is missing on C64? Maybe “Frozen Bubble“…! From 2007 Ice Team is working on it.. It is a cooperation with Hokuto Force game division. Here some mock up of the game: Screen of the game where created using the Little Sara Sister Game construction Kit, with a special fixed (40×25) […]

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“Goodbye Bud”

luglio 1, 2016

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This is just a short video present for Bud Spencer by Ice Team. Nufli image and original music plaing in background (maybe a SID version could be created in future). The content is blocked until cookie law is accepted and page is reloaded.

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Incoming: SIDin #15

aprile 21, 2015

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SIDin #14 comes after some years from the previous number. So maybe all can argue that the next will be some years into the future too… No! IceTeam is already onto the next number full time! Just a preview: did you ever wonder how Matt Gray uses samples into his engine (like into Serpent Demo […]

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gennaio 11, 2015

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IceTeam logo

The Ice Team will use this Diary to take users up to date with all the activity being running by us. You can subscribe to the Rss Feed for being automatically notified of new post in a easy manner. The main site were you can find all the Ice Team programs is now: The […]

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